October 22, 2014

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Species Images

Helleborine images I showed a close up of an individual flower in the raceme as well as the entire cluster.  If for example this plant had compound leaves then I would have done a full shot of the entire leaf and then an image of an individual leaflet.













Three Toothed Cinquefoil ….. you can see I did two different leaf views as these were shapped a little different from one plant to the next.       You really can’t have enough different views, but if I think I can show a flower better with two shots of the flower head or leaf I will. Case in point….. think of Fringed Loosestrife. The best image to show is the natural one looking down on it as it droops you see the bracts but I also did an image from what it looks like from the front.





















Here are a couple samples of clustered flowers and how I would approach images of them.

This is Live-forever a rounded clustered flower. I would capture the entire cluster as well as a single flower of that cluster.


Of course I would also include the leaf and profile view as well.





Pretty much the same scenario as above but an elongated cluster and then one flower from that cluster.











  1. Great shots!! ILooking forward to the app!!

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