May 20, 2024

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Beavers on your iPhone!

That’s right, there are beavers on your iPhone but don’t worry they won’t be chewing through your memory. What beavers are on your iPhone are located in the MyNature Animal Track app. Next time you come across some unknown tracks near the waters edge you can use the app to measure the tracks, compare the outline, find out the gait pattern, see a beautiful image of one in the wild and learn about their habitat. Below are just a few pictures of what beaver sign you might find on your next outing.

Happy Tracking!!


  1. Knapperbill says

    Great beaver photos Jeff! I haven’t seen an actual beaver dam in years. I’ve only seen the beaver dens in my area. Great Stuff!

  2. I really have to get back there and spend a few hours trying to find some scat. Might have to wear the waders.

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