July 15, 2024

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Blue Jays

I don’t have many species of birds at my feeder in the winter but one of the prettier ones is the Blue Jay. Since they seem to be costing a small fortune in seed this year I thought I would see what I could find out about their winter diet. 
Surprisingly there isn’t much information on the net about birds winter diets, not much that I could find in my limited time this morning anyway!From what I could find stated that the average song bird consumed 1/4 to 1/2 of his weight per day in food, one site stated more than it’s body weight per day. An average Blue Jay weighs in at a hefty 3.5 oz. If we went by half their weight of 1.75 ounces then you need just under 1 pound of feed per each Blue Jay per week. Figuring I use approximately 60 pounds per week means I’m feeding roughly 60 Blue Jays. I’m thinking the number is more likely around 40 if I take into account the Chickadees and Nuthatches who partake in the feeding frenzy as well.
Suet?? that too, but we won’t even go there. Let’s just say I have some fat healthy birds.

Happy Birding!!


  1. Blue Jays are beautiful.. and big! We have several at our feeders and one my 9 year jokingly calls the “Big Fat Blue Jay”. Bird Feeders are a great way to connect to nature w/o a whole lot of effort.

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