April 12, 2024

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Crashing Problem Identified

Today I spoke with our new programmer and he has identified the problem with the Tree app crashing. It seems the original programmer left some open code within the app that did not allow some tree images to re-size.  The size of the images used in succession were making the app crash. I was given a tentative date of this Tuesday that the problem should be fixed. Once corrected it has to go back through Apple for the verification and approval process which means an added 4 to 14 days until the new debugged version is out.  I will continue to update you as things progress and I would like to assure you that I can not wait to get this issue solved.


  1. Ryan Marciano says

    Thanks for the update on the tree app. I do like it but that is frustrating. Do you have any plan to make a favorite tree option/ flag for trees I’d like to remember? Maybe a fav tab so I could check a list I made, etc. That would be great. Thanks for listening.

    • Ryan, really sorry for the problems. I find it very embarrassing that people are having troubles with it. Right now my main concern is just getting it straightened out. Once it gets straightened out then I will update a few features into it that have been mentioned in the reviews. The ability to search by common name, scientific name and a bookmark feature. Hopefully that keeps people happy until I can add more trees over the winter and fine tune some things.

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