July 18, 2024

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MyNature Apps:
The Handheld Nature Guide

Nature lovers, have we got the app for you! Introducing MyNature apps, the app series that showcases
everything you’ll ever need to know while out in the wilderness. Are you planning a camping trip or
visiting a National Park soon? Bring this with you on your adventures and have fun identifying a
number of different animal tracks, trees and wildflowers.

Let’s say you’re out in Yellowstone Park and you spot some animal prints. Do you wonder what animal
it is? Just bring along your super-smart new friend, MyNature app and find out what it is in no time.
Need to match a sound to the right animal? Identify beautiful flowers and trees? MyNature apps can do
it all. It even allows you to track your wildlife sightings with a photo album and has a place for you to
keep a journal of your outdoor adventures. It also acts as the perfect guide for anyone who wants to just
identify species in the wild for fun or garden with native plants.

If you’re truly a nature lover, then this is the MUST have app for you! View the video below to see all the
cool features the Animal Tracks app has and how it works.