April 22, 2024

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MyNature Tree Guide

Best Reference App! – iPhone Life Magazine

One of the best guides on the app store right now is MyNature Tree Guide!
Guide to the Best iPhone Outdoor Apps
Tony Desilva, shoptrailblazer.com

MyNature Tree Guide is a highly useful and informative app. I recommend it for anyone interested in identifying and learning more about the trees around them.

Justin Powell, Outboundfamily.com

Tree and Track App Makes You An Instant Nature Dork
Know That Specimen
Sierra Magazine, May/June 2011
MyNature App: Pocket Wilderness Expert!
MyNature App Makes You an Instant Expert on the Outdoors
True nature appreciation is only possible by being able to look at a tree and make a correct species identification.   This app makes it easy for anyone to enjoy nature. sportmansblog.com