June 19, 2024

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How to safely buy Viagra tablets online?

The staff is very competent. This pharmacy might not always be the fastest, but there offer free shipping and Starbucks nearby. So if you go there to buy something personally, it’s easy to kill the waiting time. Pharmacists here are personable and good at what they do. I have been to this pharmacy and to the CVS pharmacy. I prefer this pharmacy at VONS as compared to the other two. And they often offer discounts on some ED meds like Viagra, so you can save some cash when you order there.

Hy-Vee Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.5)


207 NE Englewood Rd, Kansas City, MO 64118, United States

(816) 454-4763

I have been with Hy-Vee Pharmacy for more than 20 yrs. The new staff is rude; they no longer do charge accts. I’m on a fixed income and had prescriptions delivered, and they charged them to my account without my authorization. My account could’ve gone negative if I wouldn’t have had funds available. When I told mgr, I was taking my business elsewhere. They just said that’s fine. So sad to see that this isn’t the caring pharmacy it used to be. They’ve lost a loyal customer. Rude customer service and management.

This is a compounding pharmacy. Highly skilled pharmacists and helpful sales staff. It is not a general store like CVS or Walgreens but a specialized health care facility. If you need meds for erectile dysfunction like Viagra, you can buy everything there.

ViaQX Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.1)


5844 NW Barry Rd Ste 20, Kansas City, MO 64154, United States

(816) 251-5591

Teri is ABSOLUTELY the BEST. She takes time to review your individual situation to gather all the facts. She follows up about my ED and Viagra prescribed and, best of all, makes quality referrals to medical professionals, which turned out for me NOT to be a doctor. THANK YOU, TERI, for being there for me when no medical doctor was!

I have always enjoyed coming to Viaqx Pharmacy for my prescriptions and any essentials I may need! I never have to wait, and their staff is always so helpful and friendly!

Capstone Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.8)


1620 E 63rd St, Kansas City, MO 64110, United States

(816) 945-4593

If you’re looking to waste your time and get in a pointless argument… this is the place for you! Leo is an absolute clown who will promise “72hrs for a turnaround, but probably a lot sooner”, and when you show up to pick up the prescription per the call from your manager, it will tell you it’ll probably be ready around the end of the day. Where did I get 72hr timeframe LEO!? And when it comes time to find the MANAGER, THEY ARE ALL AT LUNCH… ironic? I think NOT.

I needed a compounded script for my daughter that the insurance would not cover. Walgreens wanted $40 for Viagra Capstone Pharmacy offered for $4. They made sure that our order was delivered the same day. Excellent customer service. Thank you.

Triad (User Rating: 4.0)


712 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States

(816) 931-0515

This may not be completely fair, but I called them because I was having problems finding a pharmacy that carried my ED Rx. They told me they couldn’t tell me over the phone and that I would have to come in to find out. Every other pharm I called could tell me that they did not carry my Viagra. So why couldn’t Triad?

Poor communication and horrible customer service. Too bad it’s the only pharmacy that can compound. I did get one girl who helped me out the 3rd time I called still came off a little rude.