April 23, 2024

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iPhone Tree App

After many, many months of long hours and much frustration the MyNature Tree app is finally ready to see the light of day.  It should be released sometime in the next few days according to the programmer.  I’m both excited to see it come out and apprehensive about how it will do.  With 200 trees it is a good representation of North American flora. I ‘ll be needing to update it often, maybe 20 trees at a time and then go into regional guides. What it lacks in quantity at the moment it more than makes up for in quality as there are digital images of every species leaf or needle, fruit, bark and profile as well as individual range maps.  Look for a Youtube demo shortly.

Happy Hiking!!


  1. This is really exciting! I don’t have an iPhone since only Verizon works in my area. But, my best friend has one and she lets me play with it.

    Are you going to include any facts about a species like: The largest recorded _________. Or This tree lives up to 400 years?

    Very cool idea.

    • Kim there will actually be quite a bit of content in the guide. A state tree quiz, a section on scientific names and their meanings, interesting facts on trees, a tree morphology section and then of coarse the tree search itself. I’m excited your excited!!!

  2. I’m a botanist and am looking forward to this app, especially its future localizations.

    • I’m hoping you like it Bob. It’s in the process of approval with Apple right now and should be out any day, any moment really unless it gets rejected for a technical problem.

  3. Great app. Will I have to purchase the regional guide separately or is it included in this main app?

    • Sorry Jerome, my site has been having an overhaul and I did not see your reply. Right now the tree app is a good representation of North America. Sometime in the near future I will break it down to regional apps right now though it just covers the entirety of NA.

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