July 18, 2024

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MyNature Fishing Knots

MyNature Fishing Knots features 13 of the most common knots used in fishing today whether your flyfishing or bait casting we’ve got a knot for you. The tying of each knot is fully animated and capable of being stopped at any point in the animation to understand each step clearly and follow along. All 13 knots are also fully illustrated and explained step by step for additional support. You’ll find the following knots in the MyNature Fishing Knot app. Have a great time on the water!

  • Arbor Knot
  • Uni Knot
  • Snell Knot
  • Palomar Knot
  • Trilene Knot
  • Improved Clinch Knot
  • Nail Knot
  • Blood Knot
  • Surgeon’s Knot
  • Albright Knot
  • Perfection Loop
  • Surgeon’s Loop
  • Rapala Knot

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Video Demo

Mouse over screen and press play button to play video

MyNature Fish Weight Calculator

Hey since your already here looking at fishing knots that must mean your ready to get on the water and hook into a fish. Why not get the weight after you land the big one? With a couple quick measuremnets with a fabric tape measure you can pretty acurately estimate the weight of your catch with our new Weight Calculator App. Just measure the length and girth, enter those two measuremnets into the appropriate box, select the species you caught and hit calculate. That’s it!!! the app will calculate to within 10% of the fish’s actual weight. We’ve got all the species you’ll need included, trout, bass, sunfish, walleye, pike, pickerel, muskies, catfish, suager, salmon, gar,carp, bluegill, perch even sturgeon.

Why lug around a scale anymore? Get the app!!