July 18, 2024

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MyNature Tree Guide

MyNature Tree Guide: The best iPhone app for identification of over 200 trees commonly found throughout North America.

  • Top 12 in the Reference Category July 2010
  • Top 50 in the reference Category August, September, October 2010, consistently one of the top 100 Reference Apps
  • “One of the best guides in the app store right now” CooliPhoneApps
  • “Tree App makes you an instant Nature Dork” GetOutdoors.com
  • “Master Your Outdoor Domain with MyNature Flora” Ecosalon.com
  • “MyNature App Makes You an Instant Expert on the Outdoors” Treehugger.com


  • Identify Trees by a series of 15 questions and answers or by structure.
  • View over 1500 full color digital images of each trees leaf/needle, bark, fruit or profile.
  • Browse all species by Genus.
  • View range maps for each tree.
  • Consult scientific drawings for comparison of a trees leaf/needle.
  • Full in depth descriptions of leaf/needle measurements, shapes, fruit and bark.
  • Test your knowledge with the MyNature State Tree Quiz.
  • Learn scientific names and their meanings.
  • Once installed no further wireless connection needed.
  • Much more.



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