July 15, 2024

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Sunrise in the Adirondacks

If there’s one thing I love about living in the Adirondacks it’s the first snow of the season.  Not that I love snow and the cold anymore but the first of the season is always magical  to me. This morning was no exception, when  I awoke there was a gorgeous landscape outside the window just waiting for me to discover.

Sunrise on an Adirondack Morning

Adirondack Sunrise on the First Snow

The one thing about snow that has always gotten me excited was the animal sign that just screams out at you….. FOLLOW ME !!!

There’s nothing to me more satisfying than finding and following animal tracks in the snow,  see where they went, where their headed, what they stopped to nibble on, where a predator crossed their trail and took up pursuit or decided to go his own way.

The first snow for me is like Christmas,  my birthday and everything good that has ever happened in my life rolled up into one moment of discovery,  a moment of newness in the world,  a moment of perfect solitude.   Now if I could just get the other 200 days of an Adirondack winter to feel the same way it would be one hell of a life!

Happy Hiking !!


  1. Hi! I love the Adirondacks, too. Have always loved it and looking for a way to move there. I especially love the Indian Lake area. The Fall is my favorite season there…was just in the Old Forge area in September, then over to Indian Lake and Sabael. Thank you for offering this website and these beautiful pictures!

  2. This picture is awesome! It really DOES speak a thousand words!

  3. Great picture, Jeff! I enjoyed my visit to the Adirondacks. Beautiful country!

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