May 19, 2024

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Another Rejected Binary…. Uggh!!

I think this is Binary number 3 to fix the Tree crashing problem.  I rejected it again today.  I don’t know if my programmers read my blog so I better play nice.  I do give them credit, they weren’t the ones that built this app.  So here I am throwing them into the middle of someone else’s written codes that weren’t written correctly and they have to find the errors.  The good news is they have said they fixed the iPhone 4 crashing problem.  I have to take their word on that since I myself only use and test on the iTouch.  Unfortunately in correcting some problems some things got shuffled around other places in the app, luckily I found them before I approved this version.  Also since it’s been so long trying to fix this I need to have them set this new build up so people can save their Field Journal notes before they delete the app and install the new build. I know if I don’t have this available for users that I will get hell from a few people. I’d rather get back to the positive reviews than put another app with problems back out.

If you were wondering who built the current app with all the bugs that would be a business called A-1 Technologies out of NYC.  I’m so glad they responded to my emails on the crashing issue….not…. they didn’t even have the courtesy to do that. They started off good but went downhill fast and weren’t the experts they built themselves up to be. I would never get involved with them for app development or anything else for that matter.  So if you can please be patient just a little longer the Tree  app fix it’s coming.  I just want to make sure there are no problems this time.