July 2, 2022

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Free Apps for Earth Day!!

We’ll be celebrating Earth Day this year in a big way, all our Apps in the MyNature series will be free this Friday the 22nd of April. By offering our nature apps for free we hope that you take a step outside and learn a thing or two about Earth, the animals and plants that contribute to our every day existence. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you stop back in tomorrow and pick up all the apps you can carry out. We’ve got apps on Animal Tracks and Animal Scat, Tree Identification, a State Tree Quiz and our growing National Park Tracks, Trees & Wildflower series. If your visiting Yosemite or Sequoia National Parks or you know someone who is this is a great app with tons of information on all the tracks, scat, trees or wildflowers you’ll find in the parks.       Happy Earth Day !!

What’s More Exciting than a Moose Track?

I guess the answer to that question really depends on where you live.  If your out West I’m sure a Grizzly track would undoubtedly take your breath away.  I know that from first hand experience and I can certainly say there isn’t a track I have found that really makes you pay more attention to your surroundings like a Grizzly track does.  But where I live there isn’t anything more exciting than discovering a Moose track .   

There was a time when you would have been hard pressed to come across a Moose track in the Adirondacks but over the past decade they seem to be reestablishing themselves with a resident population. I went on 4 hikes last year within the blue line, as far as 50 miles from home to the north of me and 5 miles to the west.

On three out of those 4 hikes I found Moose Tracks, statistically that’s a HUGE percentage.  It wasn’t like I was going out of my way either looking for Moose tracks or scat, they just happened to be wherever I was going.   There is no way being in the East you can confuse a Moose track with any other animal. Measuring 5 to 6 inches in length not even the largest Whitetail Deer could come close to leaving a track that large.  If your getting into Elk country their tracks average out at 4 to 4 3/4 inches long so there’s still a fair difference in size to be able to tell the two animals apart especially if your finding tracks in the 6 inch range.

One of the best tips  for tracking is to always carry a tape measure. What I use and by far the most convenient in my opinion is a cloth or vinyl seamstress tape.  If you roll it up they take virtually no space in your pack or camera bag. I usually cut mine down at the 12 inch mark there’s no need for you to be lugging along a full 60 inch tape with you. You can just as easily step the tape off at one foot increments to measure strides. I’d be a poor salesman if I didn’t mention that the MyNature Animal Track app has a built in tape measure for just such an occasion.

Getting back to our Moose, you have a much better chance at locating a track if there is some type of water near by, a stream, creek, beaver pond, lake or river.  In the picture to the left you can actually see the difference in the size of a Moose track and a Whitetail Deer. The Whitetail tracks are heading across the image and the Moose tracks are coming out from the water.

Now that the Moose is back to stay in the Adirondacks you’ll inevitably come across a pile of scat at some point in time. Again the sheer size of Moose scat is enough to give away the animals identity. Moose scat has the same familiar shape as other deer scat.  Moose scat measures 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch in diameter and from 1 to 1- 1/2 inches long, more than twice the size of the more commonly found deer scat. Moose tracks and scat are an incredible find in the wilderness and one of the more exciting ones at that. If your lucky enough to come across either you may just get a glimpse of their owner, keep a sharp eye out and your camera at the ready.  Happy Tracking !!

National Park Week

We’re very happy to say that  two of the new MyNature Apps were submitted to Apple  to undergo the review process today.  If all goes well  Yosemite Tracks, Trees & Wildflowers and Sequoia Tracks, Trees & Wildflowers   will hit the app store by next friday, just in time for the start of National Parks Week.

We’ve combnined our animal track and tree app to make them specific to each National Park. We also included a brand new wildflower section as well.

You’ll now be able to identify over 30 mammals that make one of these National Parks their home.  Identify native trees as well as over 220 commonly found wildflowers.  

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding  Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks to the series.  Look for us in the App Store and we’ll make your next trip to one our beautiful parks and education in nature!!

We’re proud to tell you that for every National Park App sold throughout the year we here at MyNature personally donate $1.00 to the following park foundations.

  • National park Foundation
  • Grand Canyon Association
  • Glacier National Park Fund
  • Grand Teton National Park Foundation
  • Yellowstone National Park Foundation
  • Yosemite Conservancy

Happy Hiking !!

A New High!!

I’m very pleased to announce that we hit #47 in the App Store overnight in the Reference category.  This comes at a great time as the new update was just approved this past Friday. Within two weeks barring any problems with Apple we should be out on the shelves so to speak. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that we make the New & Notable list.

Sunrise in the Adirondacks

If there’s one thing I love about living in the Adirondacks it’s the first snow of the season.  Not that I love snow and the cold anymore but the first of the season is always magical  to me. This morning was no exception, when  I awoke there was a gorgeous landscape outside the window just waiting for me to discover.

Sunrise on an Adirondack Morning

Adirondack Sunrise on the First Snow

The one thing about snow that has always gotten me excited was the animal sign that just screams out at you….. FOLLOW ME !!!

There’s nothing to me more satisfying than finding and following animal tracks in the snow,  see where they went, where their headed, what they stopped to nibble on, where a predator crossed their trail and took up pursuit or decided to go his own way.

The first snow for me is like Christmas,  my birthday and everything good that has ever happened in my life rolled up into one moment of discovery,  a moment of newness in the world,  a moment of perfect solitude.   Now if I could just get the other 200 days of an Adirondack winter to feel the same way it would be one hell of a life!

Happy Hiking !!

Animal Tracks & Tree App Sale

This weekend and this weekend only we’ll be having a 30% off sale on the MyNature Animal Track app and the MyNature Tree Guide App.  We’re having the sale to celebrate the update of the Tree Guide in which some technical issues were addressed.  If you have been on the fence on picking up our nature apps no is the time to take advantage of this weekends special. Once Sunday evening August 29th rolls around we’ll be going back to the regular pricing of $6.99.

Happy Hiking !!

This May Be the One!

Received a new Binary on the Tree Guide this morning, so far so good.  I need to check one more thing on Thursday morning with the programmer and if all is well on that end we should be all set to resubmit to Apple.  I feel pretty good about this one but still keeping my fingers crossed.  I also heard that the Animal Track update is just about ready also. That’s going to be a great update and I’m sure you’ll love it.

iPhone Users Needed

If your an iPhone user and you love nature then we could sure use your help.  We are starting to work on our update to the MyNature Animal Track app.  One of the features we will be adding to the update is a database that users can post sightings to as well as search any area of North America.  I don’t want to give to much away but what we need is to have a few hundred sightings to seed the database with. If you are interested in participating please take a digital image of the animal or track and note your GPS location as well as a physical location …… Hudson River, North Creek, New York for example.  Email that information to me at mynature@mynaturesite.com and we’ll take it from there.  We may need to get a user name set up for each submission….. I’ll figure all that out in the mean time. I hope you can help us out, down the road a few years from now this will be one site filled with a ton of information and you could be a part of it’s inception, I certainly hope you are!!!

Happy Tracking!!!

Apps for the Great Outdoors

We are very pleased to announce that the MyNature Animal Track app is featured on the home page of  the new Apple4 iPhone.   http://www.apple.com/iphone/apps-for-iphone/

The Animal Track app was selected for inclusion in the category of Apps for the Great Outdoors.  We are hoping for a long and happy home being featured in that spot.  MyNature Animal Tracks has been consistently rated 5 stars in the iTunes Store with a total of 25 five star reviews out of 35 ratings total.  The app  had also recently been featured in the magazine iPhone Life and selected as “Editors Choice”.

A lot of things are looking up for us at MyNature, we are just getting underway with the programming on our first update to the track app and our newest app on Trees should be released in the coming days. Needless to say we’re excited with the latest developments and look forward to sharing even more good news and nature apps with you in the future.

Thanks Apple for the luv’n and to all our users for making this app a success.  Happy Tracking !!

Animal Tracks Lite Version for Android

Were pleased to announce that there is now a lite version of the MyNature Animal Track app available for Android phones. In this free version you will be able to view the tracks of 48 animals commonly found across North America. Both fore and hind tracks are illustrated with a complete description of the track and animal itself. We left one search feature live for members of the cat family so you will be able to see how the  pro version functions. Whichever version you use enjoy your time with Nature and leave no trace.  Happy Hiking!!