May 25, 2024

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The cold icy winter just a memory in my mind
sweat rolls down my neck June brings sweltering heat with the muggy blackness of the night,
air so thick you’d swear you could hold on to it and pull your self up,
I listen to the stillness of my world and gaze upon the distant ridge, faded stars speckle the heavy summer sky.
Flickers of light dance across the meadow
100, 1000, 1 million…….. I can’t count.
It’s hard to tell where the meadow ends and the summer sky begins.
I wonder Memories of mayonnaise jars filled with grass 
simple times.
Fond memories of a bug,
that surely sounds strange…. fond memories of a bug!

But tonight I’m a child again, watching the stars dance across the June sky.
I heard said “if you stand really still, they’ll land on you”

Simpler times, hot June nights.