May 25, 2024

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New Binary on Crashing Issue

After several days of testing and checking the new binary of the Tree App I suggested to the programmers that they needed to do another correction that I was having trouble with on my iTouch.  They have checked the new build on the iPhone 4.0 for the repeated crashing issue and have told me that has been corrected.  One of you was kind enough to write down how the steps to make the app crash using the iPhone 4.0 and they could not repeat that procedure  with the new build…. definitely great news.  I should have a new build to look over this Thursday and I think we will be good to go after that.  I can’t wait!!!

Update on Crash problem

Today I received a new Binary to look over from my programmers. I’ll be checking it out all weekend for bugs and hopefully it is good to go on Monday for a resubmission to Apple. I have learned the Tree app does run quite differently on different devices. I rarely have had an issue with my iTouch however I understand the iPhone4 it repeatedly crashed. I do look forward to getting the issue straightened out as soon as possible. Once it is corrected 100% then I would love nothing better than to address some of the reviews that have been left. Thank you all (most of you) for your patience. Happy Hiking

Crashing Problem Identified

Today I spoke with our new programmer and he has identified the problem with the Tree app crashing. It seems the original programmer left some open code within the app that did not allow some tree images to re-size.  The size of the images used in succession were making the app crash. I was given a tentative date of this Tuesday that the problem should be fixed. Once corrected it has to go back through Apple for the verification and approval process which means an added 4 to 14 days until the new debugged version is out.  I will continue to update you as things progress and I would like to assure you that I can not wait to get this issue solved.