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Developer Quote: “Test your knowledge with the MyNature State Tree Quiz. 50 multiple choice questions will tell you more than each official state tree.”

– COST: 99 cents     – RATING: 5 Stars
– Categories: Education, Entertainment, Games, Native, Reference, Trivia, Universal

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Calling all nature worshipers, teachers, students and game lovers! If you enjoy an educated game that actually has a purpose to teach you new and interesting facts (instead of the mindless finger tapping-to-zap ’em stuff), then you’ve found a worthy game in MyNature State Tree Quiz. This is a game that is made mainly with the purpose of teaching you the native tree in each State. Wait one minute though…notice I said mainly! That’s because if you delve deeper into this app, you’re going to find a wealth of information on trees including background, biology, appearance, location, etc.

In explanation, let me say that in MyNature State Tree Quizz, you will learn about trees and their identifying features. You are able to view a close up and clear, color image of each tree’s fruit, leaf or needle, bark, profile or map of location. This app is not just about guessing 50 state trees! It is an education that is subtly hidden in the multiple-choice gameplay. So how do you get to find the intriguing details lurking under the game mode in MyNature State Tree Quizz? Let’s go on a tour!

When you open the app you will see a dial loaded with every state’s name. Pick whichever state interests you, or start from the very beginning which is Alabama. You will see the the question: State tree for Alabama is? Below that is listed the multiple choices. Tap one and Submit. You will either be told you were wrong and given the correct answer (no leaving you in the dark here), or you will be told you are correct and that answer will be displayed. Here’s where the fun begins. Tap the answer, and you will be taken to a screen where all possible facets of the tree are provided for you to learn in a handy slider tool at the top of your display. Tap Illustrations and a sketched drawing of the tree is shown, tap Needle and a lovely close up photo will display the needles of that type tree, tap cone and bark and you will see photos of those. Next you will see a button for Profile which gives the background information on the tree, as well as Range showing the general vicinity in which the tree is found. There is also a handy Ruler to help you measure leaf size, bark thickness or whatever portion of that tree interests you!

And you thought you were just getting a game! This is a great family activity to sit around with on evenings, or even to use in the car on a road trip to identify trees as you drive along. There are a couple states where the buttons are not arranged in the right order to co-ordinate with the information contained within. Nonetheless, that minor fix does not detract from the wealth of data that is part of this educational game. This is the sort of game you want to see your kids playing because you know they are benefiting from it. Additionally, a teacher outside on a nature walk with her class could well use MyNature State Tree Quizz to stop and identify the native state tree which is learned so much better from a hands-on approach than from a book. MyNature State Tree Quizz is a simple, but useful, practical and educational app that certainly deserves your notice and intellect.

–Date/Version: Released 9/21/10 – Version 1.0
–iOS/Age Rating: This app requires iOS 3.0 or later. Rated 4+.
–Device: (+ Universal: For iPhone/iPad), iPod Touch
–Languages: English
–Developer Link: MyNature, Inc.
–Twitter Link: @mynatureapps
–Facebook Link: Nature Guides

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