May 25, 2024

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Help Wanted – Wildflower Photographers

evening primrose

It’s been along time coming and I put it off several times already over the past few years but now we’ve finally, seriously started to piece together a wildflower app for the Eastern part of the country.  Were hoping to have the app completed for a Spring 2014 release.


That’s a big IF and I won’t be surprised if it’s actually more like Spring 2015.  The app once complete should feature roughly 1,200 wildflowers  found in the Eastern United States and Canada. This will be the most complete wildflower app going and it’s a huge undertaking which is why were looking for people across the Eastern US and Canada that might like to help id and photograph flowers for the app.

I can’t promise you’ll be famous but I can promise each individual that contributes over 25 species, full image sets of the plant, leaf and flower, will have their own page in the app. Each contributor page will feature an image of the photographer and their own personal bio. If you love the outdoors, own a camera and have a thing for nature you might just be interested in becoming part of what will be the best app for wildflower identification going. Drop us an email mynature@mynatureapps,com  we’d love to have you.

Enjoy  Nature : )