July 15, 2024

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Biomass Direct and Fisher Stoves, Buyer Beware!!


12/15/2013 Update

Through one of the comments left this past week it seems that Larry Boyd of Fisher Stoves/Biomass Direct has just closed his website down. We can only hope he’s out of business for good but I highly doubt it. If anyone has any first hand knowledge of any new website or business that Mr. Boyd may start  anew please let me know so I can update this post. We’ve saved quite a few people from this shyster and I would like to continue to do so.

So why should you BEWARE of Biomass Direct LLC ?  Well,….. as they operated Timber Ridge they promised you a 20 year warranty. That’s what attracted me to their company in the first place. What I didn’t know was that they do this on a regular basis. It seems anyone in Tennessee can start a company, promise the world and then declare bankruptcy to avoid any responsibility for the products they sell and then turn right around under a new name and sell the exact same product. I’m out over $10,000.00 on a boiler because they continually produce and sell a substandard product under multiple business names all with the  protection of the Tennessee Consumer Affairs Bureau.  Why with their protection?  Well after alerting them to this issue they said there is nothing they can do. Imagine that, they can’t do anything about a company that scams consumers, declares bankruptcy to void their warranties, starts a new business and sells the same product in a different package.  What are they there for?  Believe me when the warranty issues start to arise in a few more years with the Biomass Direct or Fisher Stoves outdoor boilers, they will close up shop again and be protected from any responsibility and just start another company. You WILL have issues with any stove they sell you, it’s just a matter of when, not if!

Of course they will dispute this claim, they want your money after all…. this is what they do, they swindle people like you and me.  They’ll say I didn’t take care of it properly or burnt things other than wood, they’ll need to discredit this post. Don’t believe them!!

Save yourself a small fortune on a bad investment and look elsewhere. Make sure you check into any company that sells outdoor boilers and see how long they have been in business. If it’s only a few years stay away.  If they say they have sold units for years, ask to see a copy of their licence of incorporation or proof of DBA from a government office. Contact that states Consumer Affairs Bureau to see if they have had any complaints.

You can find a lot of interesting reading on the former Timber Ridge now Biomass Direct LLC with a simple Google search.  Here are a few links to some.

http://fahrner.us/blog-mind-of-alan/44-alan-reviews/138-free-heat-machine-29-gallons-5-moose   scroll down to the complaints

More complaints http://www.topix.com/forum/city/portage-wi/T52H4OD6QJ51B5HBK

Yet another  http://outdoorwoodfurnaceinfo.com/forum/index.php?topic=2052.0

There are more site to read and videos on Youtube to watch but I think you get the picture.


Above all else notice the guy in the video…. he is the same one in all the videos of Timber Ridge, Fisher Stoves and Biomass Direct,  Larry’s his name.  Ask yourself this one question if your still thinking of purchasing one of their boilers. Why would the same guy be in the videos of three different companies and one no longer exists?   If I can stop one person from giving Larry another dime on his crooked business practice with Biomass Direct and Fisher Stoves then I have accomplished way more than the Tennessee Consumer Affair Bureau has done or is willing to do.

And Larry if your reading this……  justice will find you one day, bank on it!!

If you were scammed by Larry Boyd dba  Timber Ridge please leave a comment we would love to hear from you as I’m sure a possible future customer of Biomass Direct would also.


Post Note: 2/24/2013

I have been getting quite a bit of feedback both here and on other forums on the net about Larry Boyd and his business practices.  I would roughly estimate that this post has stopped at least 5 sales of his outdoor boilers. Those 5 are only the ones I know of directly, hopefully we have stopped others as well that did not leave a comment or email me.  The fact that he is posting on other forums about what a great product he has means we are making a dent in his business and I couldn’t be happier. It’s to bad  Tennessee Consumer Affairs won’t step up to the plate and put him out of business.  If your still in doubt of buying one of these units please read the comments section below. If you have any information on another company name change Larry Boyd is operating please let me know so I can adjust the blog and search engine key words.   Good luck to all of you and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.