July 15, 2024

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A Promise

To some a bud on a tree is just a bud on a tree
to me, it’s a promise
a promise to return
something the sun said on that last warm day of Fall
I’ll be back for you
to shine down on your branches 
to warm your roots
dance on your bark
to unfurl your leaves
It’s a promise that spring will come
that this frigid January, the first day of the year
this day that with each breath I take, my lungs burn,
this day that I hear even the largest trees creak and moan
it’s a promise that these cold days will end
And they trust the sun
they believe,
they know through time from the springs before through the longest winters he’ll return
they offer their new grown buds as their promise
Their own promise to wait
to be faithful
to believe
to know that you’ll be back
to warm us
to love us
to watch us grow.

When I see a bud, thats what I see