July 19, 2024

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Times of Me

So many times in life we’re caught up in ourselves.
There’s nothing more important than us
than our day
than our time
our money
our possesions.
Some have never felt humbled, never felt worthless, miniscule, irrelevant. 
They have never felt that they’re just……nothing!
Overshadowed by the natural world
the rising of the moon, the vastness of the ocean, the color of an autumn day
For some of us, the lucky ones
there are fleeting moments of uselessness interspersed between the times of Me
I long for those moments, dream of them, I crave them.
To be nothing is to feel everything.
I’ve had no greater moments of irrelativeness than simply standing in the dark woods with a billion stars overhead, watching one single snowflake float to the ground, hearing the first spring peepers on a foggy April night.  
When you stop to smell the roses, when you take that simple phrase to heart, when you realize the world goes on without you, without all of us
you’ll see the grandeur of it all,
you’ll be nothing, yet feel everything.