July 18, 2024

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MyNature Tree App Update

Finally finished…… whew!!  that took along time, nearly a year. The good news though is the tree app had a major overhaul. What you’ll find in this new version.

  • We placed a quick search box on several different screens in the app. You can now search for any tree in the app in a matter of seconds.
  • There are an additional 25 species found in the app. Most of the species are from the Western part of the country.
  • We redesigned the main screen to be a little more user friendly.  Each section of the app is represented by its own icon, just select the appropriate icon and your on your way.
  • There is now a journal feature where you can keep all your field notes or a diary of your outside adventures. Save your text and photo entries.
  • We’ve also added a Life List where you can check off each species you’ve identified. You can add multiple entries for each species.
  • The question section of the app was tweaked just a little  for better navigation.

This new update brings out total species number to around 225 trees found  color, profile, range map and  illustrated drawing.

Enjoy, and remember………….. every day is Earth Day!!




Where’s Laura??

Back when I first decided to do an iPhone App on trees I had one major road block, I needed a ton of tree images!!  Buying image rights was out of the question, way too expensive. So, I decided I would travel the country and go to what ever Arboretums I could find. Trees all coralled in one place, someone was thinking when they invented Arboretums.

 My wife Laura accompanied me on most of those trips. Now as much as we both love the outdoors and trees are a big passion we spiced things up just as tad on our photo shoots to keep our spirits up on those long days and countless miles of walking. It’s time we let you in on a little secret we’ve been keeping for a few years now. 


Behind just about every profile of a tree in the MyNature Tree app there is some part of Laura visible, a shoulder, head, butt, hand or a foot and if your really lucky you’ll find her face. In all honesty though, the pictures had to be cropped so small for the device that you’ll be lucky to ever get a good glimpse of her. She’s in there though and we had a great time doing those profiles shots. It was always a laugh. Next time your in the woods and open the MyNature Tree app look close at those tree profiles, Where’s Laura?………. she’s there somewhere!! 

This one didn't make the cut

 <<<<<< There she is!!!  
      Enjoy the Outdoors   : )

MyNature Tree App vs Leafsnap

In a head to head comparison the MyNature Tree App beats Leafsnap hands down in the ease and quickness of identifying one of the most common pines in the Northeast, Eastern White Pine.

Evergreen ID Tips

MyNature Tree App 1.1 Released

I’m finally happy to say that version 1.1 of the MyNature Tree app is ready for sale in the App Store. The MyNature Tree Guide is a identification tool for over 190 trees found across North America. Version 1.1 of our tree app addressed a crashing problem with use on the iPhone 4.  We’ll be running some special free app give aways over the next few days through Twitter and our Natureguides page on Facebook.   Happy Hiking !

New Build Approved!

I can finally say that the new build of the Tree Guide is complete and has been submitted to Apple earlier today. I’m fairly confident that they caught all the issues with the first version.  The crashing issue with the iPhone 4 has been corrected. The programmers had also found several memory leaks that were also addressed.  The approval process for Apple could take anywhere from 7 to 20 days to complete.   Thank you for your patience  and as always…. Happy Hiking !!

This May Be the One!

Received a new Binary on the Tree Guide this morning, so far so good.  I need to check one more thing on Thursday morning with the programmer and if all is well on that end we should be all set to resubmit to Apple.  I feel pretty good about this one but still keeping my fingers crossed.  I also heard that the Animal Track update is just about ready also. That’s going to be a great update and I’m sure you’ll love it.

New Binary on Crashing Issue

After several days of testing and checking the new binary of the Tree App I suggested to the programmers that they needed to do another correction that I was having trouble with on my iTouch.  They have checked the new build on the iPhone 4.0 for the repeated crashing issue and have told me that has been corrected.  One of you was kind enough to write down how the steps to make the app crash using the iPhone 4.0 and they could not repeat that procedure  with the new build…. definitely great news.  I should have a new build to look over this Thursday and I think we will be good to go after that.  I can’t wait!!!

Update on Crash problem

Today I received a new Binary to look over from my programmers. I’ll be checking it out all weekend for bugs and hopefully it is good to go on Monday for a resubmission to Apple. I have learned the Tree app does run quite differently on different devices. I rarely have had an issue with my iTouch however I understand the iPhone4 it repeatedly crashed. I do look forward to getting the issue straightened out as soon as possible. Once it is corrected 100% then I would love nothing better than to address some of the reviews that have been left. Thank you all (most of you) for your patience. Happy Hiking

iPhone Tree App

After many, many months of long hours and much frustration the MyNature Tree app is finally ready to see the light of day.  It should be released sometime in the next few days according to the programmer.  I’m both excited to see it come out and apprehensive about how it will do.  With 200 trees it is a good representation of North American flora. I ‘ll be needing to update it often, maybe 20 trees at a time and then go into regional guides. What it lacks in quantity at the moment it more than makes up for in quality as there are digital images of every species leaf or needle, fruit, bark and profile as well as individual range maps.  Look for a Youtube demo shortly.

Happy Hiking!!