July 18, 2024

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Winter Light

I got caught up in tracking a pretty good sized buck the other day, he led me on quite a hike up one ridge and down another. As always when I’m outdoors my mind starts thinking of this and that and anything in between. That night there was a beautiful moon and the night was just perfect! I came up with this poem when I finally decided to head for home.

Winter Light

The deep woods hold me long today
a mile from home the sunset fades
December nights fall quick and cold
but on this night a full moon grows
casting shadows of spruce and fir
awed in beauty of Natures paint

A smile grows, a word just muttered
I lived to see the perfect night
the woods so still, cold, so bright
my soul was touched, my life complete
I felt the awe the world can be.

my life awaits, a mile from here
the north wind bites, a frozen tear
December night a full moon glows
light for me the way back home

Happy Hiking!!