July 19, 2024

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Pictures in My Mind

Pictures in My Mind

I stood in silence in the deep snow
bathing in the beauty of my surroundings would be an understatement, I was drowning.
This spot in the woods was just that…a spot. It wasn’t a destination, it didn’t have open vistas, no waterfalls
or colorful leaves………It was just a spot.
Yet that spot held me in its embrace and wouldn’t let go.
Sky the deepest blue,
the river just a whisper, a faint trickle under the ice.
Snow so white it was crisp, sharp like a knife.
Warm air carried the scent of rain.

I tried in vain to capture that moment,
the beauty, the serenity of it all!
A great photographer I’ll never be, yet my mind holds the most vivid pictures I have ever taken.
The colors, the breeze, the aroma…… they’re all there.
A never ending photo album, page after breathtaking page of the most spectacular spots I’ve ever seen.

Few pictures can ever do those moments justice.
Those moments when we realize the perfection of Nature,
of how small we are in this universe. When the simple beauty of the landscape makes you feel …….. complete!

I can never and will never be able to convey the love I felt today.
I’ll never be able to show you the world that I saw, so beautiful, so peaceful, so perfect.
Forever they remain, pictures in my mind.