May 19, 2024

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How to Make a Plaster Cast of Animal Tracks

Making a plaster cast of an animal track is fairly simple and there’s only a few inexpensive materials you’ll need.

  • Plaster of Paris – you can find this at any hardware or home improvement store. It comes in a 5 pound box shaped like a milk carton.  One box is plenty for most tracks.  I carry my plaster in a ziploc freezer bag.
  • Cardboard or heavy paper strips to make a dam or enclosure around the track to pour the plaster in. You can just use mud, sticks or rocks and skip carrying the paper strips.
  • Spoon or knife for mixing, again you can use a stick and eliminate carrying extra tools and weight.
  • Paper clip or picture hanger to insert in the cast if you wish to hang it on a wall.
  • Water, you can carry water with you but I always carry 1 or 2 extra ziploc bags to gather my own water after I find a track to cast. I may have to hike a ways to gather water but it’s much easier than carrying extra weight around all day.

The video below will show you step by step on how to plaster cast an animal track.   Enjoy and enjoy the Outdoors!!

Plaster Casting Animal Tracks

Apps for the Great Outdoors

Much to our surprise we found out that our flagship app MyNature Animal Tracks was selected  by Apple for their “Apps for the Great Outdoors”  campaign.  This isn’t the first time Apple has featured our Animal Track app.  Last summer with the introduction of the iPhone 4 Apple had used the track app as one of their featured selections in their advertising campaign.  Were very pleased to be selected again and find it an honor to be in the spotlight, but more importantly that were helping people connect with the great outdoors and providing an education in nature.

Follow our tracks to the iTunes store and look for this icon. 

With the Mynature Animal Track app you’ll be able to tell the difference between Moose tracks and Elk tracks, Grizzly Bear scat and Mtn. Lion scat. The difference in shape of a Bobcat and Red Fox Track, read animal sign, how to make plaster cast and the best places to find tracks.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors !!