May 25, 2024

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Autumn Voice

they stood along the riverbank
a haphazard line with no formality
arms turned toward the sky
they offer their gifts to the Gods
gold, rubies, precious metals of bronze and copper
with each gust of wind their song of worship is heard
like a million applause it echoes through the gray autumn sky
far up into the mountains and back again
the Gods of Sun, of Rain and Wind have been kind
their congregation,
once a whole
one voice, one color …….. screams out, individually
each of the million before me preaching their own words, their own praise
each their own
and I notice every one
………….. every single one!
Their sermon of color
of beauty
of earth
of life
of seasons beginning and ending
I catch my breath
I sit
I watch
I listen


Winter Light

I got caught up in tracking a pretty good sized buck the other day, he led me on quite a hike up one ridge and down another. As always when I’m outdoors my mind starts thinking of this and that and anything in between. That night there was a beautiful moon and the night was just perfect! I came up with this poem when I finally decided to head for home.

Winter Light

The deep woods hold me long today
a mile from home the sunset fades
December nights fall quick and cold
but on this night a full moon grows
casting shadows of spruce and fir
awed in beauty of Natures paint

A smile grows, a word just muttered
I lived to see the perfect night
the woods so still, cold, so bright
my soul was touched, my life complete
I felt the awe the world can be.

my life awaits, a mile from here
the north wind bites, a frozen tear
December night a full moon glows
light for me the way back home

Happy Hiking!!