June 19, 2024

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Where’s Laura??

Back when I first decided to do an iPhone App on trees I had one major road block, I needed a ton of tree images!!  Buying image rights was out of the question, way too expensive. So, I decided I would travel the country and go to what ever Arboretums I could find. Trees all coralled in one place, someone was thinking when they invented Arboretums.

 My wife Laura accompanied me on most of those trips. Now as much as we both love the outdoors and trees are a big passion we spiced things up just as tad on our photo shoots to keep our spirits up on those long days and countless miles of walking. It’s time we let you in on a little secret we’ve been keeping for a few years now. 


Behind just about every profile of a tree in the MyNature Tree app there is some part of Laura visible, a shoulder, head, butt, hand or a foot and if your really lucky you’ll find her face. In all honesty though, the pictures had to be cropped so small for the device that you’ll be lucky to ever get a good glimpse of her. She’s in there though and we had a great time doing those profiles shots. It was always a laugh. Next time your in the woods and open the MyNature Tree app look close at those tree profiles, Where’s Laura?………. she’s there somewhere!! 

This one didn't make the cut

 <<<<<< There she is!!!  
      Enjoy the Outdoors   : )

Nature Apps

This past week saw the addition of four more of our National Park Tracks, Trees & Wildflower Apps released for the iPhone. Yellowstone National Park, Glacier, Grand Teton and Grand Canyon National Park join Yosemite and Sequoia Kings Canyon in our growing list of Nature Apps.  The MyNature National Park App series are specific identification field guides for animal tracks, tree and wildflowers species found within each national park.  You’ll be able to identify over 30 mammal tracks, native trees and anywhere from 120 to 240 wildflowers depending on which national park your visiting.

Were proud to add the National Park series of nature apps to our growing list of available apps for your iPhone.  Our flagship app MyNature Animal Tracks which recently underwent a major update and the MyNature Tree Guide is currently in the shop where were updating that popular guide with a new, sleeker UI and adding a few dozen new species of trees to the list.

What’s in store for future Nature Apps with us?  Well, we would like to expand our National Park series with 1 or 2 new parks in the coming year. Within the next few weeks our newest app on Fishing Knots should be in the app store. That app will feature 13 common fishing knots and is a preview of what to expect in the MyNature Fish Guide which were hoping to have out by the Spring of 2012, just in time for Trout season!

We here at MyNature Inc. would like to thank you for your support over the past two years and we know that with your continued support and positive feedback we can achieve future growth in the field of Nature Apps and bring you exceptional content to help you enjoy your days in the field.

Happy Hiking  !!

Celebrate National Parks Week

Were all about National Parks week here at MyNature.  April 16th is the start of  National Parks Week and to help you celebrate were having a 50% off sale on our two newest park apps.  Yosemite Tracks, Trees & Wildflowers and Sequoia/Kings Canyon Tracks, Trees & Wildflowers.  Both nature apps hit the iTunes store just in time for the holiday week.  Soon to join the MyNature  National Park series will be Tracks, Trees & Wildflowers of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Glacier and Grand Teton National Park. We’ll surely have a nature app for you no matter which park your heading to!!

With any one of our National Park apps you be able to identify over 30 animal tracks, the sign they make as well as the scat the leave behind.  Not sure whether it’s a Grizzly Bear track or Black Bear track, Mule Deer scat or Moose Scat, no worries it’s all in the app.  Maybe one of those Gray Wolves out in Yellowstone just chased you up a tree…… yep!! you guessed it, you can even ID the tree while your sitting in it waiting for help to arrive.  And guess what? if you are rescued from that tree and your walking back to  camp make sure you stop and smell the flowers.  We’ve got over 240 wildflowers packed into our National Park app.  Answer any one or a combination of the MyNature 15 question search and you’ll be able to  tell the difference between Baby Blue Eyes and a Black Eyed Susan.  You’ll know more than the resident Naturalist in no time. The MyNature National Park App will identify whatever has 4 legs, grows tall or flowers pretty, this will soon become your favorite app on your outdoor expedition.

Look for anyone of our National Parks icons to  take along on your next trip.  Learn a little nature, tracks, trees and wildflowers, you’ll be glad you did. 

Happy Parks Week America !!

National Park Week

We’re very happy to say that  two of the new MyNature Apps were submitted to Apple  to undergo the review process today.  If all goes well  Yosemite Tracks, Trees & Wildflowers and Sequoia Tracks, Trees & Wildflowers   will hit the app store by next friday, just in time for the start of National Parks Week.

We’ve combnined our animal track and tree app to make them specific to each National Park. We also included a brand new wildflower section as well.

You’ll now be able to identify over 30 mammals that make one of these National Parks their home.  Identify native trees as well as over 220 commonly found wildflowers.  

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding  Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks to the series.  Look for us in the App Store and we’ll make your next trip to one our beautiful parks and education in nature!!

We’re proud to tell you that for every National Park App sold throughout the year we here at MyNature personally donate $1.00 to the following park foundations.

  • National park Foundation
  • Grand Canyon Association
  • Glacier National Park Fund
  • Grand Teton National Park Foundation
  • Yellowstone National Park Foundation
  • Yosemite Conservancy

Happy Hiking !!

A Fetish for Blowdowns

I know it’s a bit of a strange title, catchy though isn’t it?.  All of us have our own little fetish’s, some a little weirder than others and some just down right creepy.  Mine isn’t quite that creepy, weird maybe, but not creepy.  It happens every time I’m hiking whether it’s behind the house or somewhere new. I can’t escape it.  I try, I try really hard to get away but it’s such an overwhelming urge I only get a few feet before the voices start talking to me.

“Where you going? This could be the one.”

“You know you want to look at it, you know you do, do it, do it,  you know you do!!”

“Look, it’s a fetish, so your weird, live with it.  I’ll stop talking to you if you go look.”

Hi, my name is Jeff and I have a fetish for blow downs. Meetings are every Monday night at the community center in town.  I don’t know how it ever started, maybe it’s my interest in history that got me looking at the root ball of every blow down I find. It’s almost like Christmas with the anticipation of  what I might find that was literally “under the tree”.    Ya see, when a tree topples over from a wind storm or old age the roots that become exposed hold the history of what happened “x” amount of years ago, at least before the tree took root.  I haven’t found much over the years a few small bones and one broken piece of pottery but the possibilities of what could be there is what drives my fetish.  What might I find? A relic from the French & Indian War, perhaps a musket or powder horn dropped in a skirmish from the Revolutionary War, a bear skull, antler, Indian pottery, ……………  sorry, I started to fantasize again.

I think you get the point by now though.  You may not have ever even thought about it, but next time you’re in the woods and see a blow down stop and check it out. They’re like a window to the past of what ground they grew on and what may have been left, died, killed, abandoned or lost in that very spot hundreds of years ago.  Odds are after you do this once, even if you don’t find a thing, you’ll be hooked for life.   Welcome to my world, meetings are at 6pm, byob!!

Happy Hiking!!

A New High!!

I’m very pleased to announce that we hit #47 in the App Store overnight in the Reference category.  This comes at a great time as the new update was just approved this past Friday. Within two weeks barring any problems with Apple we should be out on the shelves so to speak. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that we make the New & Notable list.

Tree App Giveaway!!

In celebration of all your hard work over the year we’re having a Labor Day App Giveaway. Just follow us on Twitter @mynatureapps or join our Facebook Group @ www.facebook.com/natureguides  and tell us you want to rate the MyNature Tree App and we’ll send you out a free promo code.

New Build Approved!

I can finally say that the new build of the Tree Guide is complete and has been submitted to Apple earlier today. I’m fairly confident that they caught all the issues with the first version.  The crashing issue with the iPhone 4 has been corrected. The programmers had also found several memory leaks that were also addressed.  The approval process for Apple could take anywhere from 7 to 20 days to complete.   Thank you for your patience  and as always…. Happy Hiking !!

This May Be the One!

Received a new Binary on the Tree Guide this morning, so far so good.  I need to check one more thing on Thursday morning with the programmer and if all is well on that end we should be all set to resubmit to Apple.  I feel pretty good about this one but still keeping my fingers crossed.  I also heard that the Animal Track update is just about ready also. That’s going to be a great update and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Another Rejected Binary…. Uggh!!

I think this is Binary number 3 to fix the Tree crashing problem.  I rejected it again today.  I don’t know if my programmers read my blog so I better play nice.  I do give them credit, they weren’t the ones that built this app.  So here I am throwing them into the middle of someone else’s written codes that weren’t written correctly and they have to find the errors.  The good news is they have said they fixed the iPhone 4 crashing problem.  I have to take their word on that since I myself only use and test on the iTouch.  Unfortunately in correcting some problems some things got shuffled around other places in the app, luckily I found them before I approved this version.  Also since it’s been so long trying to fix this I need to have them set this new build up so people can save their Field Journal notes before they delete the app and install the new build. I know if I don’t have this available for users that I will get hell from a few people. I’d rather get back to the positive reviews than put another app with problems back out.

If you were wondering who built the current app with all the bugs that would be a business called A-1 Technologies out of NYC.  I’m so glad they responded to my emails on the crashing issue….not…. they didn’t even have the courtesy to do that. They started off good but went downhill fast and weren’t the experts they built themselves up to be. I would never get involved with them for app development or anything else for that matter.  So if you can please be patient just a little longer the Tree  app fix it’s coming.  I just want to make sure there are no problems this time.