July 19, 2024

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A Day in a Tree

I’ve been here before, many times in fact
somewhere right here, is my tree
it’s been a few years and my memory has faded
with a shrug and a geezzzz…… “there it is”  whisper, I feel embarrassed   
an experience only someone who sits in trees can relate
it looks as sound as the day I built it
and I build up a sweat climbing the 15 feet with my pack, camera,tripod and rifle slung over my shoulder
the view is the same
North up the beaver meadow 300 yards
South behind me one hundred
game trails crossing from East to West
a trickle of a stream flows by me
what once was a pond long and narrow
A neighboring Balsam has crowded my  perch
with the few small branches I break, the most pleasant  aroma engulphs my watch
sense of smell is one of the greater gifts I enjoy.
I’ve yet to see a deer from here
but it doesn’t really matter
the view, the creek, chickadees and squirrels
they all keep me entertained
hunting is much more than taking a deer
it’s the solitude
the peace, the calm, the wind, the smell
the outdoors
if a successful hunt is measured in meat and antlers
I have failed miserably
yet….. I have more trophy’s than any man I know
for each day outdoors is an adventure to me
and every  adventure is my trophy