May 30, 2024

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Where’s Laura??

Back when I first decided to do an iPhone App on trees I had one major road block, I needed a ton of tree images!!  Buying image rights was out of the question, way too expensive. So, I decided I would travel the country and go to what ever Arboretums I could find. Trees all coralled in one place, someone was thinking when they invented Arboretums.

 My wife Laura accompanied me on most of those trips. Now as much as we both love the outdoors and trees are a big passion we spiced things up just as tad on our photo shoots to keep our spirits up on those long days and countless miles of walking. It’s time we let you in on a little secret we’ve been keeping for a few years now. 


Behind just about every profile of a tree in the MyNature Tree app there is some part of Laura visible, a shoulder, head, butt, hand or a foot and if your really lucky you’ll find her face. In all honesty though, the pictures had to be cropped so small for the device that you’ll be lucky to ever get a good glimpse of her. She’s in there though and we had a great time doing those profiles shots. It was always a laugh. Next time your in the woods and open the MyNature Tree app look close at those tree profiles, Where’s Laura?………. she’s there somewhere!! 

This one didn't make the cut

 <<<<<< There she is!!!  
      Enjoy the Outdoors   : )


  1. What a great story! I love how you turned your passion and what could appear to be a roadblock to your app project, into a great life adventure! I will check out your app now…

    • MyNature Apps says

      Vivian, Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the story. There will be a big update to the trees this spring. New user interface another 100+ trees, I’ll probably release it right around Earth Day or Arbor Day.

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